As I Am

Dear Diary,

Am I broken? Am I in need of repair like a car or am I just stuck like a chocolate bar in a vending machine that needs a good shake?

I guess you begin to feel that way when someone doesn’t like you or understand you. They say it shouldn’t matter and there will be people that do, but it still bugs you. Just like a fly that you keep flapping like a maniac to get away from you. I do look at those who accept me as I am. I mean let’s be realistic not everyone is going to like everyone. I mean I don’t like Frosty the snowman but he keeps on showing up. It’s all about Olaf now!

To be really honest the only person that should matter is myself. I’m attached to myself every minute of everyday so I guess I have no choice. When I seriously take a moment and think about the person I have become, believe me it’s an improvement and I’m glad about that. I don’t know what the future holds and the person I am going to be but so far I am fine with it. I can be crazy and try to be funny, but I’m funny and clumsy as ever but that is just me. It’s going to hurt when people turn away or look down on me, but you know what that’s just the way it is.

I am happy as I am.



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