La La La

Dear Diary,

You know that moment you don’t want to hear something? It’s worse when it’s a spoiler to a show I watch or a film. Putting that aside to that really important moment when I don’t want to hear something, I go back to that 4 year old that would hold my ears, close my eyes and shout la la la. Not really but I imagine myself doing it. It’s usually in response to the bad news or that I didn’t wash the dishes but that’s more blah blah blah.You don’t want to hear it but you’re told anyway.

The la la la place is that safe place. You push all that bad away to take a few moments thinking everything is fine. Closing your eyes tight and expect it to disappear, like playing hide and seek. The thing is once you eventually open them, you have to find it all over again.

It’s a process that takes a while to comprehend and once it does, I guess we all respond in our own ways. I mean some may throw and smash things. Then they realize this is not a movie where people on set will help clear it up. You will be having to do that so have fun. Others may cry and drop, smile, laugh or even bottle it up and move on forward.

No matter how many people tell adults to grow up. That inner child will always be there because derr we were all kids once. It’s only if you are seen acting like that you are immediately insane or something. Now that I’ve admitted this am I insane. Oh no!

There is no point with the la la la’s because that news will remain during and right after you’ve finished but that process won’t go away.



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