Fall For Anything

Dear Diary,

 I can say I am gullible and a bit slow. Falling for things is my weakness. I am that person who laughs at the joke after everyone else has. Shameful I know but at least I get it! I also know about the rabbit in the box trick. (I watched Now You See Me).

I have built my hopes up so many times. Those old buildings in London have my name on them… oh wait they were knocked down and the rest of my hope was built into an estate! That’s just how it goes I guess, we build the hope and then learn to build from the disappointment. Officially that hope building will stop today. It’s towards those that just take advantage. Whether it’s lies of their own or about me on what they can help me with. They know I would just push it to the side. I mean it’s the same routine once you’ve found out, but it’s them right so I put up with it. This time around I’ll push it in front of them. I mean when you get charged twice for something you don’t ignore it. So why should I ignore this? As far as I’m concerned it’s a waste of time.

I will be sharp this time around, I mean I won’t completely change but I’m more alert. So for charging me more than once I will just give it all back.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

Twitter – @AmaniVHenry


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