Talk You Down

Dear Diary,

It may not be my place to say anything but it’s hard. You know when you want to help someone and try and not make them make the same mistakes I made. They just don’t want to hear it. Does that make them stubborn or foolish?

In one way it can be seen as that because you can prevent them from facing what you did. Then on the other hand I wouldn’t have opened my own eyes from my own mistake. I learned from it, if someone had warned me, I wouldn’t have faced what came next. I actually look back and I’m proud of those mistakes because I am more aware and better than I was. It’s those experiences that really mold us into the people we become. It would just be great if it didn’t exhaust so many emotions!

So I will talk them down and advise but not push on it, in the end they will see for themselves and say. OHHHH now I get it!



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