The Lazy Song

Dear Diary,

Today I really don’t feel like doing anything. My room is disgraceful but my bed is more comfortable. My essay is in shambles but my TV is more entertaining… of course. My phone can ring if it wants, I’d just be surprised if it does. Yet I am lazy enough to type this.

I like these kind of days where you don’t really have to worry about anything. I mean I have to struggle to get through my room, but I can take care of that is an hour, or two may be tomorrow. I guess doing this too often would be quite bad right, or even boring. Today I’ll have my lazy day and to be honest I have no choice as tomorrow I have to work.

I am now thinking about what I have in the fridge and the cupboards. That’s right I am stuffing my face too. Oh you just gotta love lazy days!

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