Dear Diary,

I am another being on this earth. A human being like every other human being. Why does it feel that I am something different sometimes? I understand that we all have our uniqueness and differences. I mean no one is the same but are we drastically different that we have to treat each other so bad and so distant? It doesn’t seem to matter who we hurt along the way, just as long as we get what we want then that’s fine right. It’s not.

There are many countries on this earth, there are many cities on this earth. There are different beliefs and cultures, but instead of embracing them or just willing to grasp an understanding there are so many willing to throw it away. We all look different on the outside but we are labelled. We all come from different upbringings but we have to prove ourselves much more than others. We are all good enough, but are we strong enough. You see there has been a battle over the years. Whether it’s to do with weight, height, looks, colour, sexuality, background. This will always continue but we have come a long way.

I will embrace who I am. I will be strong for me, like the others who I am inspired by did before me. It’s sad to say you actually have to fight back to be seen and heard. It’s one that I am willing to stand by. Eventually over time like every other battle, they will take the time to want to hear us out. It only takes one and then the rest will follow. I mean there’s never going to be a happily ever after. I guess I should never say never and have hope.

There are those that are greedy, selfish and crude. I am just focusing on those I admire, appreciate and care about. You see there is no greater bond then those you can lean on. Even those you don’t even know that come into your life for a brief moment that help and support you. They are worth it. We all have a purpose, whether to inspire others, teach others or sit in front of the TV stuffing our face with junk food (my favourite). I just don’t see why we have to alienate each other, I guess that’s when the power is shown right. It’s not long before they become powerless then we’ll see how they cope.

I will wake up another day, grateful for my time on earth and the people I have around me. There will be those out there that will try to hurt me, but chin up right. 🙂



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