Mr. Know It All

Dear Diary,

You know when they say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I rarely think that applies anymore. Every look you receive it’s a judgement look. I mean we all do it. Just assume or guess the persons story that pass us by. I mean you’re getting a rough idea of who they are, well who they will turn out to be. The majority of the time you can be surprised, you can be completely wrong. Then you end up looking like a fool.

I have been known as a lot of things. It’s only a few that actually know me for who I am. Simply because they took the time. Who has time these days. Just a quick read that’s why we go to the back of the book. If there is some interest them it may be worth it. If not next please. They may think it’s the same kind of story they’ve heard before. We all have our stories and some of them may be similar but we are all different. So you can try to guess my story but you have no idea of the person I have actually become.

Once you’ve gone past the judgement from the front, and they dig inside. If you turn out to be the nice, easy going type. There are some out there ready to tear that apart. I don’t think it’s aloud in this world anymore. I have walked passed so many angry and miserable faces. I am not going to judge but it’s beginning to match the grey clouds in the sky. That’s why I try to maintain my own sunshine and keep on moving. That’s what they catch on to, as if you don’t deserve to smile or laugh. Those people are tests, that’s what I say. I’m not going to lie of course we’re going to get hurt with the negative things people say. Although I’ll be the one continuing on with my sunshine and you can carry that grey cloud to someone else. Not that I mean to pass it on to someone but they’re wasting their time with me.

No matter who or where you are. There is always going to be that someone person or people that try to bring you down. Don’t be angry if it gets to you and you don’t want it to, because it will not matter how strong you may claim to be. Embrace that they are taking the time and energy to have their mind, heart and soul in you. I mean think about it, you are the person running through their mind each minute of everyday. It’s like the opposite of a love story or do they love you really.

Many people have tried to change me and I’ve even tried to change myself for them. Then I realized I didn’t even recognise myself. I actually didn’t even know who I was or wanted to be. I took a step back and really took the time to find out. So they may think they know it all, but they know very little. We all have interesting imaginations but that’s all it is. Step into reality for a second and don’t hide away from what’s in front of you.

So the next time I come across someone. I will see the cover, read the back, then give it a change and begin to read it, get more of an idea. Then who knows that story can keep you captivated that you don’t want to put it down for a second. Unless it’s really that bad then you can recycle it, that’s fine.



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