Taking Chances

Dear Diary,

I know that I am heading down a path, but sometimes I lose sense of direction. I mean when we normally can’t find a certain place we want to get to we ask for directions. That would be the common thing to do, but what if I take a chance for myself. I know where I would like to end up but sometimes taking the easy option and having someone help you, loses that sense of adventure, independence and even pride. It can also vastly add annoyance if I end up becoming even more lost than I was. That is the point isn’t it? Taking that chance and seeing where it takes you. I could make that decision and end up somewhere even better than my destination I’m aiming to get to. It’s all about the experience because you can’t really prepare yourself for anything as much as you think you can. I may even discover things, I never even imagined whether it’s around me or even about me.
I have actually witnessed many people lost and they have refused to get any help. They are the ones that are fully determined and think backing down is a sign of weakness. It’s not but I can understand why they may think that. Then there are those that eventually give up, some quicker than others. To be honest if you think a city is overwhelming then the world is even scarier, I know that already. I mean if it doesn’t work out at least you can say you actually tried. No one can fault you. I took the chance and there are those that will tell me that they did warn me, but I still took it. It’s for me to learn and me to find out. People say they have so much more to give. Well there is so much more for them to receive.
Taking a chance is risky but sometimes the risk is worth taking. Depending on what it is I guess, but right now I will be sure to take another.



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