Price Tag

Dear Diary,

It’s all about the money isn’t it. Everywhere you look and turn it’s got some price tag on it. Sure there may be a few things here and there that are free, that’s when you see people fighting over one another just to get it. Even if it is a bargain, don’t get me started on Black Friday. All these prices are going up and they expect us to be right behind, well we’re not. To be honest it is just greed and that hunger for more money. As soon as you’ve earned it, that’s the same time it disappears.

It’s beginning to lose control and they say they will improve things, yet I’m still waiting. There can be protests and speeches made, but to be honest if it doesn’t benefit their pockets it doesn’t matter. In order for the world to dance, money needs to be involved. I remember the time, I would go out and my mother would give me around £10 and that lasted at least a couple days. I’m sure there are many other stories similar. It’s more important now to get a good paying job, than focusing on what your dream job would be. We spend our time studying and the majority don’t even end up doing the job they even studied for. At least they have a degree right… wrong. Like Simon Cowell with his money sign eyes, it’s just the same in everyone’s eyes to be honest.

I can continue to moan and groan about it but that’s just going to be unnecessary. Everybody has their prices and they sleep very peacefully at night once they get it. I will continue to aim for what I want, I just know what is the most important thing for me to have.



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