Love The Way You Lie

Dear Diary,

Why do we lie? What is the point in lying? I’m sure we all know by now that the truth will come out eventually. That’s the key word right eventually

The lie has already been told, whoever you have lied to has just believed every word. That right there is trust. There are those that say they withhold the truth and lie so they don’t hurt the persons feelings. If that is the case why are you surprised that they are even more hurt when they find out the truth? It’s simply because as that lie grows so do their feelings. Especially when they find out from someone else. Don’t you just find it fascinating when someone is lying to your face and you already know the truth. I mean bring out the Oscar!

For some, lying is second nature. They become so consumed in the lie, the truth has long been forgotten. They lie behind lies and add other lies. I’m sure there’s no chance of them slipping up right? For someone who finds it casual to lie, it’s as though they are lost. It’s as though they are putting forward the person they want to be, or be seen as. You begin to ask Who are you really? What are you hiding? As soon as they are caught and it all falls apart, to be honest I feel more sorry for them than for those who they lied to. They have formed this illusion. Thinking they can get away with anything or be anything they want to be. That can soon become difficult because trying to force yourself to be someone your not, is so much harder to maintain.

Then there are other second nature liars, that do it to protect the people they care about. It’s like an instant reflex. Whether it’s to do with something major or minor.

We all ask for the truth and sometimes when we are given it, we may still have a major reaction. I think that’s because we process as many possibilities through our minds starting with the worst. When they are revealed, I guess it just shatters what you hoped for or just sigh in relief.

There are so many kinds of lies, which is terrible. There are those that are small. Like when you accidentally brake something and say you never done it. When you say you’re around the corner but you’re really 40minutes away. That is a really wide corner. Then we have the big things such as stealing or telling a woman she looks great in her new outfit but she doesn’t. (That is not me).

The list goes on but in all fairness. If every single person were to tell the truth, do you think things would be better or easier? I don’t think so. There needs to be a balance. Even though the world is sharing their honest thoughts and opinions. I am talking about those truths about the close to us. That’s why the truth eventually comes out. It’s like the countdown begins on that lie you’ve told but once that’s up the truth is officially ready to be told. Even when we want people to lie to us, to try and make ourselves feel better as we are afraid to hear the truth. Eventually that burns out to.

No matter what the truth is, we will never be prepared for it. There’s also never a right time either. Just say it, if not the countdown has already begun.



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