We Are Young

Dear Diary,

I’ve been told that while I’m young I have the opportunity to experience as much as I can. Those would be the advice of those adults that keep saying they wish they had the chance. To be honest no matter how old you get, there will still be chances they just may seem rare. I get, life really sets in and you have responsibilities.

Many of the younger generation do go a little too far. I mean they think because they’re young it’s not a big deal. Young means they’re going to make the most mistakes. So we should cut them some slack, although nothing stops them from learning from them. That would be the moment they need to open their eyes. There’s being young and foolish. Then there’s being young and a fool.

We can have so much fun but need to remember our actions still reflect on us past the young stage. If they end up throwing their youth away, then that future is looking quite dull. I mean you may party now but I’m sure you’d want to in the future. Unless it’s just in your imagination.

I’m the boring type, so I’ve been told. I prefer to watch a movie, than go to a party. That’s just me. I don’t mind parties it’s just not a major thing for me to do. We are all entitled to do what we want to do. I think we just need to remember we are not above anything. Just because we are young, consequences do not skip us. So I may act over the top, but I know when to tone it down. I know wrong from right, but I’ll be aware of the line between them. They say ‘Live a little’ or ‘Let your hair down’. Sometimes, I’ll just like it to stay in a ponytail.

So while I’m young, I will do what I want to do. At the end of it all I will say I have no regrets and took the opportunity while I could.



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