Despicable Me

Dear Diary,

I know children can be a handful. I know I was once upon a time. They have so much energy and life sometimes, you have no idea where they get it from. That’s what I admire about children, they are quick to happiness. Their imaginations can take them anywhere they want to go. Whether it’s having a tea party or thinking a climbing from is a pirate ship. They go to places that allow them to see the creativity in life and their surroundings.

Children do change you. It can be tiring to keep up but it’s worth it. They have so much curiosity and so much to learn. I find it fun teaching and helping them interpret the world in their own ways. You will see them high and fall but they have the ability to pick themselves back up again. I mean there may be crocodile tears along the way but that only lasts for a second. They are back in the game making innocent mistakes and putting a smile on your face.

The moment the sun rises to the moment it sets this is their moment to shine. They are the next generation of this world. They don’t stay young for long, time really does fly by. The moments we have now will always be remembered.



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