Dear Diary,

It’s difficult when you have one of those days you don’t feel connected to the world. It’s as though you become stuck in thought. Whilst the resting of the world is rushing by, you seem to be stuck or just moving in slow motion wondering whether or not you can catch up.

I know I can put up a wall, but it only takes that person who can see through it. As not everyone is going to wait until it comes down. That person will wait for you or even knock it down. That’s really all you need to get yourself back. When you fall they’ll catch you, if you’ve already hit the ground they’ll pick you up. To be honest it can actually be anyone.

I was on the bus and I was in deep thought. Looking out the window, headphones in as if I were in a movie. Then this man sitting across from me, got my attention. I took out my earphones and he complimented my trainers, I thought was random. Then he told me a joke and was talking about his daughter about how she loved buying new trainers. It was just nice at that moment someone out of nowhere can change your perspective and mood so instantly.

When you’re in that mind set, it’s difficult to open up and actually say anything. You think others have their own problems so you don’t want to disturb that. For those that know you and can clearly see through that. All they simply do is give you a hug or say that one thing you know will unravel everything.

I appreciate those people. It’s like when someone is trying to be serious but they end up making you laugh. That is company you need. That is the company I need and have.

So for those that may not have that person, even though I don’t do hugs. I have one for them and a smile, if they don’t do hugs either. 😀



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