Who You Are

Dear Diary,

I think I have a pretty good idea of who I am. I mean the best person that knows me, is myself. I have no choice, from the moment I wake up I see my face staring back at me. I know what I like and dislike. I know how I like my tea. I know my strengths and weaknesses, although can I be 100% sure of that? There is always a point in your life you look at your reflection and ask ‘Who am I?’. That question can be answered in multiple ways from different people’s perspective as well as your own.

If I were to think back a couple years. I can honestly say I have changed a lot as a person. We are always changing, whether it’s massively obvious or not. Each we experience face and each person that crosses into our lives can really change us. Our confidence can increase or decrease. We may obtain new fears or dissolve our old ones. It is literally never ending.

I have noticed that we can seem like different people when we are around family, friends or work colleagues. To some we may seem completely unrecognizable. We alter ourselves regarding our surroundings. It’s formal, it’s informal. We hide parts of ourselves because we may be ashamed or afraid of what the people around us would think. It can be a nightmare. The line between the person we are and pretend to be can fall heavily at any moment.

So who am I? The person I am when I look at my reflection, with my family, friends or colleagues. I guess that’s a case of split personality right there. We are all crazy.

It’s okay not to know who we are. We will always be trying to figure it out. It’s just sometimes we become stuck. We are always reflecting on our past selves and the decisions we made. No matter how many quotes tell us to stop dwelling. I may change again in the next few years. No one knows what lies ahead.

 I don’t think sharing everything about yourself to everyone around you, is necessary. There will always be those boundaries, although that outgoing and weird person you are with your friends can help in a work place. (You never know). That person that may be quiet but can prove they have potential.O That person not afraid to take chances and admits they are a huge rock fan. Even if you seem to be the complete opposite to a rock fan. We can really surprise people. They can even surprise us.

I just don’t want mold myself into the person others want to see, because I’ll end up losing myself. I am not prepared to do that. Everyone has been in this position or will be. I just know if I am not accepted for who I am, I’d rather be in a place I can be. Judgements are quickly made, but we all have a path we need to get through. We will make our choices. It can be hard but I’m willing to push back, I’ll just stay true to who I am. I am doing it for me. The future me and the old me, also the present me. I’m doing it for Me, Myself and I let’s leave it at that.




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