A Thousand Words

Dear Diary,

I know I can talk until someone’s ears fall off. I just have so much rushing through my mind that I just want to get some of it out. That includes all the random things I may say. It’s not just me.

What I say may not have any relevance or importance . I guess that’s one of the reason why they say think before you speak. There’s always a time and place for those silly thoughts to come out. What if it is something important, something that does have meaning? I guess the same rule applies. Think before you speak.

I think that’s the moment when we take our words for granted. We hold back on those words because there’s always going to be an appropriate or another time for them to be said right. I don’t think so. Time is not always in our favour. The longer we put them on hold, other things develop making it that much harder to be said.

We end up wasting our words on things that is not even necessary, instead of focusing on what really matters. We have the words so we should communicate but we still take into consideration on what may happen once those words are out.

They may make you feel wanted, make you laugh or may hurt you. At least we are aware instead of being left in the dark or lied to. I’ve had many words that have hurt me and I’ve had those that have picked me right back up again. It can be easy to guess what someone wants to say. Actions speak louder than words right, but actually hearing the words makes it that much more real.

There will always be a balance of negativity and positivity, but it’s about what is important. Telling someone they are not worth it, is not important because that’s just someone out to hurt you. Telling someone to take pride in who they are because they are not afraid to be themselves is important. It really matters and that’s what is WORTH holding on to.

Everything we say matters to ourselves and others. If we don’t agree with something at home or at work, something must be said. Sitting in silence and drowning in it will make it worse. No one has any idea what is going on in our minds, unless they can read them. (Then we need to give Nick Fury a call). If we care about someone and we think they know. Telling them anyway or reminding them anyway is worth it. Whether it’s in 120 characters or more.

I may continue with my random talk, but I’m not going to hold back saying what really matters. Especially to the people that matter.


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