Brick by Brick

Dear Diary,

We all have our walls, although it seems we graffiti all over it. It’s as though we produce this creativity and colour to make ourselves seem more interesting. The person that really grabs your attention. Behind all of that is a plain brick wall. There shouldn’t be any shame, shyness or fear because we all have one. The important thing to remember is that it’s strong. I guess when it comes to a bulldozer not so much. It can be knocked down and may have before, but they can be built right back up. It also matters who’s there to help you each brick at a time.

You have that moment when you look around and think ‘If I were to present me, the person in front and behind the wall, would I still be seen as worth knowing?’. The answer is not always but there will be. You can easily say you don’t care but deep down you do. It’s your identity, the person you will always be attached to.

I actually felt I was beginning to see that plain brick wall of this person I know. In all honesty, I preferred it. I heard the sincere passion they had for who they are. It was funny because it seemed as though I was talking to someone different. They even made me reflect on myself. It’s as though the layers are unraveling and as a whole I admire this person.

We all have a mark, scratch or chip of cement but trying to cover it won’t remove it. Working it in may surprise you on how much better it can turn out to be. If I were to tell this person they would probably say I’m talking like a crazy person. Sure I might be but I’m willing to be one of those people with a brick.



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