Rumor Has It

Dear Diary,

You know what I really like about rumors? You get to find out so much more about yourself you never even knew. Seriously it actually becomes quite interesting. It is also amazing how quickly others believe it. They literally take in things about you that they hear from other people. I’m sure it would be more realistic if it came from you personally. Where’s the interest in that? Who wants to wait for you to confirm anything? If it is true, then at least you are aware of the people you can’t trust.

It’s a game of Chinese Whispers. I guess it started out that way then ends up Chinese Shout. The story becomes completely transformed. You are sitting at the edge of your seat wanting to find out what happens next. How many versions of that same rumor people are willing to believe.

How do you resolve it? There are many that would wave their hand and fist. Then there’s me. I would just clarify what the truth actually is. If they don’t believe me then they are just willing to listen to anything. At least I know what the truth is.

These can become strong enough to really effect people. Then as soon as a rumor goes around about the person that started yours, they are quick to make a scene. Rumors are a never ending cycle. It can also become vicious, but everyone likes a good gossip right. Then their imagination takes over to the point you might as well write a book.

I look at it this way, their life must be so boring that they chose to spend their time making things up about me! They are talking about me, thinking about me. It is all about me. They love me really, it already shows.



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