Dark Side

Dear Diary,

When you get in a mood you assume the easiest way to deal with it and process it is by yourself. The only voice that matters at that moment is your own. You rapidly go through multiple scenarios, eventually you get lost in it. Our reaction may be to put up a wall and close off or act out.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, someone to talk to is what we need. At this point we have a habit of pushing people away, even those closest to us. They don’t know anything. They don’t understand. They will just act as though they know what to do.

Sure that may be the case but they are the best people at this point. Whilst you see red or an empty room, they’ll be able to fill it and be able to come up with a more appropriate response. That first thought that comes into your head may not be the best option.

That annoyance and anger is great to help you find the courage to do what you want. Then you have to continue with whatever happens after. (The Hulk is a perfect example). Although if they think they are prepared for the results. Good luck.

We all have that side we try to hide. When it arises who will remain after. The best feeling is knowing that person will still be there. We can push them away but they will be waiting with tissues, ice cream, coffee, etc… Those are the people we can count on. For some if you continue to push them further away, they may not return.

Nobody’s perfect and we all have our flaws, but we shouldn’t let it consume us. It’s like those dreams where you’re stuck in a dream and another dream.

We should wake up and embrace the good things we have. No matter how big or small and not letting anything or anyone ruin that.



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