This Ain’t Goodbye

Dear Diary,

You know what’s amazing and great to have? Support. Whether it’s from family, friends or even a complete stranger. It lifts us up, it’s like that extra boost that we need in certain situations. We feel that capability of being able to do the things, we never thought we could.

They are needed through the scary, frustrating and exciting parts in our lives. Even for those that don’t want to admit it. It doesn’t matter because ‘Your Person’ (Grey’s Anatomy reference) already knows. I mean we need someone to share things with.

Then when it’s time to make those big decisions and takes those big steps. It was all about walking across the room and now it’s about the world. The questions will begin to flow. Are you sure? Have you thought about it? Have you got a back up plan? Those questions will definitely be answered before they get the chance. To be honest at this point you’re not looking for questions but just that boost. We already have an idea what it would be like for us, because that’s where we are deciding to go.

If there happens to be an ‘I told you so.’ or it doesn’t work out. At least i still know I asked those questions. It is also a trial and error. No one knows whats going to happen, things can surprise you unexpectedly. Then I can say I took the chance anyway.

This is the path I’ve decided to take for me, as this is my path. Of course I will think about what’s going on around me, you can’t ignore that, but these are my chapters. I think some people forget that especially when they are so protective of you. That protection will remain, it just might be further away or need toning down a little.

Let the next journey begin.



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