Dear Diary,

Every new relationship is always the best. It’s the time we are just beginning to know one another. Figure out where that person will stand in your life, will you call them a friend, family or more? Sure there’s always going to be something we’re find annoying, not going to lie. We do grow to accept them, because that’s the stage we want to end up. I have my flaws and if they are somewhat tolerated then that is a bonus. They can have an outburst about it when I’m not around. You know that breather time or may be you do like everything about them. That’s even more of a bonus.

As time goes on we may hit the test in the relationship (I don’t like test). It’s that moment we say or do that complete wrong thing, especially at the wrong moment that may jeopardize the relationship. What do we do then? Do you give up? Do you push through and overcome it?

Both of those questions are the right ones to ask. Giving up doesn’t necessarily mean you have lost. It just means that relationship may not be strong enough. Sometimes when we reveal what we are really feeling it helps. So if someone ends up saying something and automatically say, “I didn’t mean it”. They did. It has just taken this moment for them to get the courage to say or do something. It’s already been bottling up (Cleary).

We may hide it because we don’t want to hurt the persons feelings or the relationship. In all honesty you’re just making it worse anyway. For yourself, them and the relationship. We shouldn’t get trapped in something that we may not see moving forward. I mean we may listen to songs on repeat, but there’s always that one day we want to listen to something else for a change. Then we have that moment we go back to that song, thinking ‘Wow I really loved this song’.

That is the time where we look back. Do you listen to that song with regret or happiness. There are two results to the test. Pass or Fail. I know for sure I want to pass but if it comes to me failing. I guess I’m just going to have to try again. Sure if I keep on failing, I’m not giving up. It just seems the signs are telling me, it’s time to move on to something (someone) else.



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