All By Myself

Dear Diary,

Why do people end up alone? It may be because they push people away. They are afraid to let people in. They still don’t know how people may react around them.

These are choices, they want to be alone. You wonder why when there’s over billions of people across the globe. I suppose its easier. Not having to worry or care for anyone but yourself. No need to hear or be involved in all of the drama that may occur. Then there’s that whole trust part.

Can you really trust yourself on making this decision because in the long run you’d be tired of yourself. At least with others you can balance it out. When you’re alone you may eventually complain about wanting company. Then with the company you may want that time alone. I think that’s a better balance.

There will be that 1 or 2 or 5 people if you’re lucky that you will find who accept you and have the same interests. The may not show up in your life right away but if you close yourself off, no one will have the chance. Sure only that 1 or 2 friends may be your good friends. There’s nothing wrong with having other friends and acquaintances there are many to chose from. They can bring out the parts of you that may even surprise yourself. At least you know you’re not alone.

So it shall still be Me, Myself and I the other people.



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