Dear Diary,

Are first impressions really important? That may seem like a silly question. Immediately the response would be yes. Then you really think about it. Is that person you met the same person you know? Sure there may be some similarities or may be there is a complete difference. You thought they were quiet but they turn out to be the loudest. You thought they were loud but they are actually quiet.

So within those 5 minutes or 30 minutes, how much do you really know about someone? Hardly anything. Sure there is small talk or an interview to ask for pacific things. It still doesn’t quite justify the person that is stood in front of you. (Or beside, whichever way). Days and weeks can go by of being around someone and you still may not know anything about them. These things take time and over time you will find out if it was lazy.

We all have probably met someone who turned out to be the complete opposite of what we thought. That’s also something, before we even speak to that person we are making judgments. That’s just what we do. How long does it take for someone to come out of their shell, or for those that don’t have one when will they go in it. It’s pretty much the same thing.

So instead of holding onto that rough idea of a person. I would just wait until I actually get the chance to know who that person really is. (Sometimes we don’t have a choice). To be honest you can be surrounded by really interesting people, it’s just about you now move from your first impressions, allowing them to get to know you. It may just be worth it. We are all full of wonder.



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