Dear Diary,

Is it really that difficult to get to know new people? I guess that answer can be split into many answers. So let me just focus on the obvious. Yes, No and it’s depends on the circumstances. It all starts with “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” I’m joking, it’s just the Hello.

It’s not difficult for those that are had at hello. Those would be the welcoming and confident people. They don’t even need to like meeting new people, they just have that positive ora that pulls others in. That’s how easy it can be for some people and they don’t really need to try. It’s even better when the conversation flows.

It can be difficult for those that are quite closed off. You can tell by their one worded answers and body language. It’s as though it just says, “Don’t even bother trying”. It’s seems they just want to do what they need to and move along, however I don’t always think that is the case.

This is where the answer can spring into many other answers. (Ain’t nobody got time for that). In brief, that person may not know where to start in communicating to someone new or have had bad experiences in the past. (Why dwell? That’s just what humans do). We’ve already established the first part of the communication is the hello part but is that it? Maybe they do have that urge to unravel. The people they meet may just be the people they want to get to know. I’ve experienced meeting someone quite and turns out they are the loudest!

When you are put in a position where you pretty much have to speak to the people around you. That can help. It may seem nerve racking but eventually it may just be worth it. Even for those that just assume they know what people are like, never really knowing the person until they speak to them. It’s all about communication. Sure maybe some people are too lazy, or just generally don’t want to. That’s there prerogative. There’s no harm in trying. Then if you were correct, GREAT JUDGEMENT CALL. The roles can always be reversed so you never know.

It’s time to break the ice, even though many may prefer full ice cubes. You just never know where that hello can lead to.



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