One Life

Dear Diary,

Why do we remain in circumstances that make us unhappy? Majority of the time its because we feel like we have no choice. It seems as though the pros are much greater than the cons. We even feel guilty for the ending results and how it will offend other people.

It can be tough but sometimes we really just need to think about ourselves. Why remain miserable when you can be happy? We have a responsibility to ourselves as well. I mean the more you frown, the more muscles you use. Then next comes depression. (Let’s not get into that, then this will become depressing).

In this one life we live we really need to try and maintain as much smiles and good times we have. We meet people along the way that may be iin the same position. Their situation may be more complicated but we all deserve the same thing don’t we?

I’m going to look at the alternative. Remember the last time I laughed and smiled and why. Sure this job, school, situation may seem difficult. So it must be change. I’m not giving up, I would just rather chose to be happy and have a positive approach on the next chapters in my life. It can be done and eventually everything will fall into place.

Life is too short.



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