Perfect Stranger

Dear Diary,

When you looked at the stranger for the first time, you never knew how much they would end up meaning to you. To be honest it can even be for a short time and you still feel that strongly about them. This is entitled in any relationship I believe. I actually don’t think it’s about time, it’s just that instant connection that draws you together. 

This is starting to sound too nice, although you honestly do feel lucky. Then you might not and wonder why on earth you still remain in the relationship. Anyway let’s keep this positive for the lucky ones. We may have that sudden moment we think of how our life would be without them. Then quickly stop because it does scare you. (Or not for the “tough guys”, or even for those that say there are plenty of fish in the sea). It would be different and we are all different and effect each other in different ways.

That walk past each other. That ending of a conversation and forgetting about it. That ignorance. Sure maybe that particular person are not meant to be in your path, but you always wonder. This person you now have shouldn’t be taken for granted and if your paths do split out of your control, you would naturally make the effort because you know it’s worth it.

That is a perfect stranger.



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