Mary Poppins

Dear Diary,

It’s amazing how quick and instant a child can have a hold on you. Their innocence and enthusiasm to life really inspires you. They are oblivious to the crazy things that happen in this world. Their biggest problem is not getting another piggyback. They have no idea what comes next… well neither do we but for all of those moments we have overcome and those opportunities we may have missed, we can teach and let them avoid missing them.

Of course they should learn themselves and make their own mistakes we will just be there to catch them when they fall. They provide us with strength, laughter and a good nights sleep as they make us use so much energy. It’s worth it. When they smile, laugh, accomplish something new. There’s that instant feeling of joy. Even when you’re having a bad day, they have that way to switch it around. It’s hard to explain but it’s real and they keep us going even if it means chasing them. As once you have them you never want to let them go.



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