Dear Diary,

Is it really that easy to ask for help? I know that people say that you can always talk to them, but why do you find it so hard to. It may be because you don’t find that what you’re feeling has any real relevance and doesn’t really matter. You may even think there’s no point because nothing can be done.

Sure that may be the case, however sometimes just venting and getting it off your chest is much better than bottling it up inside. The more you keep in the more likely you are to explode at others for no reason or implode onto yourself. The sudden mood changes, the crying, the anger. You know that none of it is you. So you try to figure it out yourself, if you it works out that great but there’s nothing wrong with asking for a hand.

We shouldn’t wait to be asked what is wrong. As by the time that happens it may be too late. I’ve learned to open up even if it does sound stupid on why I am unhappy or annoyed. It just helps to let it roll. If you say it doesn’t bother you or you don’t mind and you’re still talking about it and thinking about it. It clearly does bother you.

I would just say to open up, let it out! It doesn’t even have to be someone you’re close to, sometimes it better to hear something different. To what you already guess they are going to say. You’d be surprised. The wheels are in motion so look out everyone your ears are going to fall off.



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