Dear Diary,

As I look through my photos, there’s automatically some kind of emotion that presents itself. So I may laugh, shed a tear or even have a stupid looking smile on my face. That’s because these are the times I may even want to go back to. It’s all good having the memory but when you have it visually it has much more of an impact. So instead of laughing to yourself in front of people looking weird you can show them. Although they still wont find it as beneficial as you do. Now a days it seems we document everything through photos. Obviously I mean that’s what social networking is for right, letting people know what you’re eating and what film you’re about to watch. To be honest, I don’t think it’s about showing others what you’re doing, but reminding yourself of what you’re doing. It’s like a scrapbook, we go back to these photos remembering these moments and why they were relevant enough to have a photo.

That meal you had could be with a friend you haven’t seen for so long. That movie you watched could be with someone you’ve been waiting to hang out with for a while. Each selfie has something behind it. When you’re feeling down they can bring you back up. When you’re lost they can give you the strength to push forward. It’s because we go back to that time, that moment. That’s the moment you want to get back to. We may not be able to but we can produce more of those. Each screensaver, picture in your purse, on your wall. They deserve a place there because they are the moments that matters the most and more will follow.


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