Stay With Me

Dear Diary,

When we make decisions are they always the right ones? I don’t think they are all the time. That’s why we spend so long thinking about it afterwards. Sometimes we make decisions in the moment, regardless of what others could have been made. It’s as though we hit the exit (panic) button and no matter what happens as long as you’re out of that position you’re in, I guess you would worry about the results after.

We leave hard situations because it seems like the easiest choice, although you’re left with the regret. There are so many ways we can try and push through things. That mainly through communication, if you’re stuck having a conversation with yourself. Then you can be sure that the outcome may be genius or out right the worst idea you’ve ever had.

I always thought the easy option would just be to leave, but it follows you. Now I’m left wondering why I left in the first place and that’s because I never really thought it through. You feel like you’re drowning so I wanted to reach the surface. Once I did I realised I was only in the shallow end. The next time I will choose to stay, because I don’t want to live in regret. Things can seem bad but there will always be someone or something that will brighten it up. It’s just a hurdle in our path. I will jump over it.



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