Like I’m Gonna Lose You

Dear Diary,

I’m one of those people that get major excited for the next episode of the show I watch. Even get upset when my favourite character leaves. I’m interested in the next technology and when my phone is due for an upgrade. Counting down the long 24 months!! I have that short panic when I lose Internet connection. I may even feel a bit disheartened by getting less than 5 likes or not one favourite of a tweet. Now people will think this is either good or bad, although there are worse people out there than me! This is the type of world we live in, although there are parts that these things are really not their main concern.

My main concern would be the people that I have let into my life. We often forget that they can be gone and we don’t like to think about it, although there will be that moment when it’s all you think about. Then quickly kick it out of your mind. I have always found it difficult to let people in for many reasons but that would be first in line. Not just for me but for everyone. We have so much technology with these apps that connect us wherever we are in the world. So a friend in Canada seems as though they are down the road from me in London.

As consumed as we are with the Internet, it’s what keeps us connected. Some people are so overboard let’s be honest. They can walk down the road and not lift their head up once and wonder how they stepped in dog poo. Even though that person should be fined for letting their dog poo there… moving on. The point that I’m making is that, we don’t know what is around the corner. Someone ‘clever’ would say another road. Gold star. There could be but whilst they’re walking down that road with their face in their phone. That contact they have may not answer. Not because they are in the bathroom or in a meeting, but because they are gone.

This is not about using your phone more. This is about really appreciating and using that communication. Sure you can say I’ll call her later. Sure you can say I’ll text her to meet up some time. I apologise, who texts anymore? Whatsapp or Facebook… whatever. We can be busy and have other things to do, but time can be made as time matters. We all know life is too short, but we need to remember not to take each other for granted. Sometimes we even just need to shove the phones out of the way and really be in each others company. Then again there will be no selfies or Snapchat updates.

There will always be that disagreement or argument. There will never be full peace as much as we ask. Just as long as we stick together with the people that matter at the end, that’s what will keep us moving even after they are gone.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey says:

    Hey…I haven’t forgotten you…we used to be close friends in Hampstead (the hell days) sorry if I triggered bad memories…actually I think you liked Hampstead? Did you? I sure as heck didn’t! Anyways…nice to see you’re still following your dreams and doing well, keep up the good work, you’ll be successful one day! (You’re halfway there? :D)


    1. Amani Henry says:

      Hey. You didn’t leave a name. 😀


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