Dear Diary,

There are many people that underestimate me. Have I tried different classes and aimed for different goals? Sure but I’m not the only one. So I didn’t finish that class, does that make me a quitter? No, it just shows that is not the direction I see myself going. When we were younger we would dress up as nurses or firemen. I never dressed up like a princess because I was too much of a tomboy. Bay Blades, Pokemon and Action Man was my thing. So Barbie was not in my vocabulary.

I’m on a verge of finally finding out what it is I want to do and what can be classed as a hobbie. That’s the thing hobbies can also change into a career. You just never know. So instead of judging me on what I didn’t do, I need to be taken seriously on what I am doing. I can fun and outgoing, so that may seem like I can’t take anything seriously. SERIOUSLY? I didn’t know looking mean and grumpy was the right way to move forward.

What do they say in a customer service job? Smile, Be Polite. What do they say when you have a client? Listen, Understand where they’re coming from, be positive.

It seems as though being nice is seen as a weakness. Believe me I know when to switch it off. I’m joking! Not I’m not, but I am. No seriously. We all know when it’s time to be fun and time to be serious. There’s a fine line, I get it.

I’m just tired of people assuming I can’t actually reach the things I want. So instead on focusing on them, I will focus on me. I will be the one to push myself forward and they will see. I’m not doing it to prove a point to them, I’m doing it for myself. Sure there’s going to be people that may look at me the same way but they can join the queue of an amazing performances.

I will be brave and speak up about it. Don’t underestimate me.



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  1. Just Jaz says:

    Felt exactly this way last week!


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