When I Was Your Man

Dear Diary,

I was wrong. Those 3 words are in the top 5 of the hardest 3 words to say. It now depends on when you say it, because the majority of us say it when it’s too late. It’s the hardest thing to apologise and admit you were wrong. I remember clearly from the time I was 4 and my cousin who was 3 took my toy and immediately took it back, resulting to him crying. Why did I have to apologise? It was my toy!

In less childish terms it still occurs. Whether it’s family, friends or a lover. We are supposed to admit we are wrong right away, but we hold the grudge. That gets you nowhere just be the bigger person and it can easily be resolved. HA! That is funny, there’s no challenge. The challenge comes after when they decide they’ve had enough. Then you’re stuck in regret. Singing along with the sad songs relate. It’s true, you are left thinking of what you should have done and to be honest it wouldn’t have been so difficult. It’s not always about the big things, just the small things can make a difference. Just knowing someone is there isn’t enough. Acknowledge them and really appreciate what you have. There are not a lot of people that can tolerate me. They say I’m weird and funny, but those that do I show my appreciation. A relationship works both ways. If it ends up one sided then leave that side. They can sing along Bruno Mars. We all deserve someone and as much as it may be difficult to leave that person behind. They didn’t really pay no mind to you anyway. Now that they do, they just realised what they had. OH WELL!!



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