Dear Diary,

There are many choices we have to make in life and not all will be the right ones. We would then find ourselves dwelling over those wrong choices, but we shouldn’t. Behind every choice we make we can learn or grow from it. So instead of losing ourselves, we can actually find ourselves. This is what it takes to see who we are. It involves the people we are surrounded by, the place in which we live in, even what is out there miles away.

There will be things thrown at us unexpectedly and we have to make the decision. In some aspects it’s an agree to disagree circumstance. Was it the right choice to make me feel small? Was it the right choice to push me away? Was it the right choice to let me down? As much as it hurt me, it was! Even though at those moments I felt hurt and lost, I managed to get back on my feet and move forward. It made me more confident in myself and I now have the capability to simply get over it. I understand and as hard as it was, I forgive every person involved.

That being said not everyone is strong enough to stand on their own. We have suffered from someone’s choice they have made, so together we can pull them back up. Every step we take whether it’s towards a goal or just to get through the day. There will be someone there to tell us NO or YOU CAN’T. I’m prepared to push through that too. It’s a battle and not all of them can be won, but at least I know I tried. That’s all it takes. One choice and one commitment.

I will conquer many things in my life, although it may not be everything. I can at least have a list showing what I have.



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