New Day

Dear Diary,

When people say “Different day, same s**t” sure it may be true but we have the ability to change it. I can admit I have had my lazy days, being in the same place in my bed watching the sun rise and set. I didn’t complain until I realised I had missed out on all of those days. That was my own fault but at least I caught up with my shows. Damn you Netflix! I joke I need Netflix. Moving on.

Whether I’m sitting at home all day, going to work everyday, seeing the same people everyday, hearing the same moaning from that one person everyday. I can change something. To quote Denzel Washington in The Equalizer “Change your world.” I will. Even if it seems difficult just taking that one step could make a difference and can be worth it. Showing up at someone’s house to visit, calling that person you kept saying you were going to call. Meeting up with someone. Telling that one person they moan too much. Take a day off work, or even change your style at work. I have put on accents at work and then reminded I have to make up a back story once they ask me where I’m from. (I’m weird I already know). At least I’m having fun with it. It may sound stupid but my day becomes fun. Even just being spontaneous one day and going skydiving! (I WOULD NOT GO THAT FAR). You just never know, there shouldn’t be a day that’s wasted and there shouldn’t be a day that seems so repetitive when there’s so much out there to do. Even if I do stay at home, I can cook a new dish and bake. I could watch a new movie on Netflix. (Bad example). Teach myself to play the guitar (That guitar has literally gathered dust). Okay where’s the point??

The point is, it’s your frame of mind. If you believe you can, do it. If you believe you can “Change your world”. Do it without hesitation! It is possible. Despite that thing that is repetitive in your days they can be altered.

As thankful as I am to see a new day. I am going to make something out of it. Like a Shepherd’s Pie! (From scratch)



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