Dear Diary,

It’s funny how you can be in a relationship that you never thought it would break and then it does. When we first look at the start of a relationship whether it’s lovers, friends, family we ask how long it’s going to last. Those that are obvious that it won’t last are quickly deteriorated, although for those we do want to last it puts us on edge. It’s a relationship we don’t want to lose. There is the relationship where you spend all day talking and don’t talk for a while and return to the conversation like you never left. For some not the ideal relationship but it still works. There are those that talk all day everyday and feel weird when they don’t hear from them in a second.

What will confuse me is after all this time, the conversations you’ve had and the time you’ve spent together can quickly disappear. Sure you would fight for the relationship if you really want it but if they don’t and just leave you with no explanation. Well that doesn’t make any sense. Clearly something has happened. Is it me? Was it something I said? Was it something I done? What did they do? The questions roll in. I had a habit of letting those people go that didn’t even want to try. What is the point is trying when they don’t want to. Life goes on and there is plenty of fish in the sea. It wasn’t until I met some people that I would go crazy (Not pshyco crazy but crazy) if the relationship was to fall apart. It’s something worth having. No matter what fish I catch, they won’t be the same as them. (The fish thing is just a metaphor… chill).

So what do you do, for those that will care? You could try and get that explanation but if they’re not willing to give it may be in time they will, but time is something not to be messed with. Life moves forward so move along with it. Till this day I upload photos on Instagram  snapchat etc. I’m receiving likes and views from this person! CONFUSING! You know what it’s fine because there’s a fancy block button, if it’s that quick to leave I guess I’ll just do the same. In addition to those you speak to for a day and stop for a few months and then back again. I say we can carry it on but I just know who to really communicate when I need help or advice. I’m not talking about the distant relationships we all know that’s difficult and that’s worth something if there is still communication. I’m talking about the ones where you live literally 10 minutes away from me. If the only thing bringing you together is school, work, etc and you decide to hang out there and then. It’s just as though these places are reminders I exist.

There is a point in asking the questions, but we just have to face we may not always get the answers. So make your own and have it settled. Fight for those that matter, you never know them disappearing will allow that real person to appear.



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