Take Your Time

Dear Diary,

Do we have to commit to a relationship the moment we meet someone? Even if you end up seeing each other more than once? It could be a colleague, class member or that same random person you see on your way to work in the morning.

The conversation may start with just a smile or a Hi, Hello, Yo, What’s Up, Ola, Bonjour (I think we get the idea). At this point when your mother told you not to talk to strangers, it goes out the window every time you meet someone. I mean how did you meet my god mother, mum? So let’s get back.

The thing is I am not seeking for a best friend. If I happen to come across someone and we end up talking like we have known each other for years. It’s just nice. Think about the amount of strangers whether working behind a till or on the bus that just make conversation (The non creepy ones). It may be the conversation you needed to cheer yourself up. I mean it’s easier to talk to someone if they don’t know your whole life story. Not that you may have anything to hide, but you can just be. Then you both go your separate ways.

There is no pressure, no label. Just people communicating. I don’t expect anything from you and you don’t expect anything from me. Then from there you can just see where it goes.

You may go through your day and that person can just pop into your mind. I know that stupid smile I make when I remember a funny moment in my life. Forgetting that I’m in public and people probably think I’m crazy. Sometimes you don’t expect it, however there has clearly been an impact made. I may have lost my chance with that stranger I met on the bus. It’s amazing how much a person can effect you so quickly. If you believe in fate then clearly if they happen to bump into your life again it may mean something. There are no need for labels. It could just be advice you may eventually need or help and they’re the right people. Although depending on the situation over time there might be a need for that label after all. (Let’s say status) 😀



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