Nothing Last Forever

Dear Diary,

Forever is a long time. Actually forever is on going, something that never stops. The only problem is things do stop. Nothing lasts forever. It may seem like the things that we want to last ends out of spite. Can’t we be happy? Can’t we feel relaxed? We can, it just lasts until we can’t. When I’m faced with situations I don’t want to last, that’s the moment I’m grateful.

The positive way to look at this is to completely live in the moment. That time is your forever and it will always remain in memory in your mind or an SD card or Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Unless you don’t want it to.

In the back of our minds we always seem to ask that question anyway. Is it going to last? It’s too good to be true isn’t it? I say just make it true because you deserve more smiles in your life. We each go through chapters and there are going to be people and things that cross our path. Then a distance begins to emerge and before you know it it’s over. If they still happen to be there then that is great but I always remember nothing lasts forever. I’m not thinking about this in a negative way, I’m just preparing myself. When the time comes it may hurt, no it actually will hurt to walk away but at least it will definitely be less than if I were to keep myself in complete denial.


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