Dear Diary,

It seems that some people already know everything about you just by a look. I mean we can get a rough idea but we never really know until we give that person a chance. To be honest I thought we’ve passed the stereotypical stage. Blondes are no longer dumb, obese people can move like serious dance moves, people wearing glasses can be dumb and the quiet ones can actually be the best.

Despite that there are still those that would just put you in a category anyway. I guess it’s easier right? Wrong. They think they know you more than you know yourself. We can sometimes avoid seeing the people we are but we’re not blind. We’re just in denial. This is a different situation, because their definition of you is the right one.

The time eventually comes when you force your way through. Showing your intelligence, your capabilities, your experience, just plain old you. Although they don’t accept it. They either try to challenge you or ignore you completely. I take it you didn’t see that coming.

This may be the view of someone you’ve always “known” or someone you just met. It’s as though they see you as one person. Like a mother still seeing their baby or a manager still seeing a cashier which is actually a supervisor.

We’ve all gone through the life thing. So instead of carrying out a cycle why not change it’s course. Things happen in our lives we either see the same or different things. We deal with it in different ways, but we could also deal with it together. If you think you know more and act like you know better than that’s great. For the parents they will always be your babies but they have grown. (Especially for those that have genesis kids, I watch Scorpion). Those managers majority of you were in the same position anyway. For the others, there are so many that don’t deserve the time or effort to know you. It seems they know you already. They can just be left behind.

It took me a while to fully come out of my shell. Then I just thought why should I really be hiding? I’ve accepted who I am, if others do then that it great. If others don’t then that’s the balance I need because I can’t be completely vain now.

It’s too bad because they could of had an awesome addition to their life. 😛



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