I Need A Dollar

Dear Diary,

I’ve already spoken about starting off somewhere with a job to get to us by for the big dream. Sometimes that big dream requires help. There may be a sharp turn we never saw coming and leaves us stuck. What do we do? Some may try and resolve it themselves and get lucky. Other will ask for help. It could a dollar for that mixtape. A pound to get go towards something better to eat. A euro to get past the rent for that month. Another dollar to take the bus to that all important interview.

We all have our stories and those are the ones we tell whilst we’re trying to reach it. Or once we have reached them. Sure you will tell it a thousand times but that’s what kept you going. It’s hard to get your name out there, your work out there, your talent out there.

There are going to be people around you that support you and those that claim they are but rarely do anything to actually show it. So sure sometimes you have to take it upon yourself because not everyone is going to do it for you. That’s the thing it’s your story.

We all need support. Whether or not you think you can do it yourself. You still need that person you can fall back on no matter what. Eventually they will come along or they’ve already been there. That dollar you may not think so but it will go a long way.





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