Dear Diary,

Hope is strong. It’s actually powerful. It takes up so much heart and energy. Even when we decide to give up on it, there is no escaping.

This world we live in has it’s good  and it’s horrific sides just like us humans. We may have the same hopes and when we come together we can seriously make a change, although when we face it alone it is such as battle.

The amount of times I have said I am done hoping on something I know will not happen. It may do for just a split second and I’m there hoping again.

I’ve put my hope into so many people and things it’s time to adjust to someone or something else that needs it. All of my time and energy is being wasted and I don’t think it’s right. Sure the hope I had will still be there but as of today I am pushing it to the side.

The hope that I have for the next moments of my life, those that may come in my path, the things that happen and for myself is what I want to see through.



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