No More Drama

Dear Diary,

There’s a difference between you saying you’re going to do something and actually doing it. That is obvious.

I’m finally going to do it. It’s way overdue. Like I said before you just always hope. I tried reaching out, when I shouldn’t have been the person to keep making the effort. I did and this is the end result AGAIN with me getting hurt. I’m done. I want to be free from any drama. That’s funny because drama shows and movies are my favourite. Have you seen Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal? Even 5 minutes of Black Ink Crew is enough drama.

I’ve been minimising the drama for quite a while and it has left me feeling better, but this is the biggest one I’ve been dealing with my entire life and enough is enough.

There’s people that have been spiteful and tried to pick at me for drama. I simply ignored it. There’s people that have tried and to be sneaky about it but I saw you and now I’m looking past you.

I’m clicking the unfriend button. Sure that may make a little drama, but it’s nothing compared to what it brought with the friend button.

It’s scary but it’s a new chapter for me. If and when they try to remerge in my life, it’s too late. There are only so many chances you can give somebody until your whole entire insides and out is just done. I’m done and I’m free.

Do what makes you happy! This is what is making me happy. You know that weight off your shoulder feeling. That’s what I’m feeling already just getting ready to do this.

Wait til you see my smile. 



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