Wait Till You See My Smile

Dear Diary,

Despite the gap in my tooth and a few crooked teeth. I’m smiling like a treasure cat. Exactly like the one in Alice In Wonderland!

I’m feeling good and in a few weeks I’m going away and I’m going to feel even better.

Sometimes we just need a break. Something to take us away from the same old routine. Sure it’s great being home but there’s so much more of the world out there. I believe I have the potential to pursue and push towards the things I know I’m capable of. Why not? As lazy as I know I can be, I’m not one to miss an opportunity. Especially if I really want it.

When people see you for who you are. The potential you have. The talent you have and give you the encouragement. It’s a breathe of fresh air. Sure it’ll leave me feeling big headed for a second but what’s wrong with that?

As long as I’m smiling, I’m going to keep that smile going. Many people have told me I giggle a lot. It’s true. It’s not because I’m immature. It’s because I like to live on the happier side of life. There are many challenges we will face but if I can have an chance to smile and laugh. I’m going to take it. Laughter is the best medicine. May even reduce me from having to go to the gym (Not that I even go).

There will always be people trying to break your spirit and bring you down.  I keep calling myself a swan because I’m gonna let it wash right off. Eventually there is nothing wrong with hurting and showing pain. We just need to keep pushing through it and we can.

To the next thing that will make me frown, YOU ARE ANNOYING! Don’t worry because it will soon turn upside down. To those that have a frown coming and I happen to pass by. We gonna sort that out!




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