Cop Car

Dear Diary,


There are many nights before I go to bed that I contemplate about the what ifs. Many moments rush in my mind where I could have made a different decision and I really felt I should have and I didn’t. Though there are the what ifs that scare me more. Those are the what ifs that would have allowed me to lose some of the important things or people in my life. They say live life with no regrets which is funny because you’re saying that prior to having regrets.

I have no regrets for the choices I’ve made if it’s led me to this moment. A moment I can be okay. A moment where I can say I’m not okay. Sometimes taking a risk isn’t so bad. Going through those difficult or awkward times eventually leads us to the good times that will follow. I’ve been in the middle of difficult situations and I haven’t cared. It’s not because I’m a rebel but because something better or positive was staring right back at me. Even though more worse situations knowing someone is waiting for you doesn’t make it seem so bad. Unless it’s like really, really bad then that’s just bad. Then we have to go all Huck mode finding that ‘place’.

The things and people that makes us happy is what keeps us going. So don’t take for granted, take the advantage. (Not like bad advantage, the good kind of advantage. Where you’re like “Hey I really appreciate you in my life, I’m there for you, you’re there for me.” etc.)

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