Dear Diary,

We are all replaceable in a sense that someone can take our place but the people we are is unique. We may have our similarities but we are our own individuals. We can grow up the same way and both turn out completely different you’ve seen the Flash right!

There are many sides to being replaceable. I can have another employee doing my role in seconds but does that make it better or worse. We all have our flaws and just maybe their flaw is slightly greater in the areas I was strongest. No one is perfect but when you replace useless boyfriends/girlfriends we may feel better because we are treated that much better than the one before. What about the people or things you need to replace and keep looking back on. Sure you may be in a better place in your life but that so called irreplaceable keeps racing through your mind. Something may have improved if you waited but sometimes you just need to let things go when it’s been long enough.

The kind of replacement I want to be is someone that leaves still being on someone’s mind or not being able to be replaced at all. There are many legends that have come  through life that have a made a positive impact which still remains. I’m pretty sure we all want to be that person and we will be to someone.

Ever notice the moment you get up off your seat on a busy train or bus and someone quickly sits down. That’s how life is. So maybe if you fart a little and make an impression it’ll take longer for someone to replace you.

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