Dear Diary,

We are not always going to be 100%. There is always going to be something or someone that will tear us down. Make us fall apart. Make us lose ourselves. We may try and lie to others with a fake smile and say we are okay.

I believe we do that to try and fool ourself that we are okay too. It doesn’t work because when the moment comes when we’re alone with nothing or no one to distract us, that feeling chases right up to us.

We like to seem fine because we don’t to be seen as weak or a so called ‘baby’ but we’re not. We feel and there’s nothing wrong with that no matter how old or who we are. Sure it may seem shocking when the person you think never let’s anything phase then suddenly breakdown. What do you do? I already know I feel nervous when someone is crying but I know I’m going to stay there. Everyone needs a shoulder. Everyone needs someone. We don’t need to be the best of friends but if your hurting there’s no need to be alone.

We don’t know what happens behind closed doors and sometimes we want particular people to be there for us when we need them. Unfortunately the person we want may not be there. They may have sadly passed away. They may still be around but we’ve gone our separate ways.

There are many that will push you away. There are many that will hide away. There are many that will say, I need you.

Guess what? I’m there. I’ll hold on as long as you need me to.



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