Dear Diary,

Not everything is our lives will go as planned. I mean if it did then that would be amazing. We all know there needs to be a balance. Up and Down, In and Out, Right and Wrong etc.

There are situations that I have been in and have been completely blindsided. When you think things are going well…BAM! It falls apart. After the shock has cleared, you try to process and understand what happened. What is my fault? Did I do something wrong? Was I not paying enough attention? In truth sometimes no I may not have been paying attention, but it would be great to have been given a heads up. I’m not a microscope. I’m not going to spot everything. I mean I can just about see through my glasses.

The things that I have paid attention too. I have chosen to ignore. I don’t like negativity so I push it aside and try to make good of the situation. There comes a time you have to say enough is enough. When you have acknowledged the problem and have a chance to work through it. If the other person is not willing and just throws you away, then I guess the friendship/relationship wasn’t strong enough to begin with. Nothing is perfect. Nobody is perfect, but I know where and when I need to try and be better. Make things better. If you refuse then I’d might as well just move on. I’ll just restart.

The amount of times I’ve restarted and that one thing or person, knocks on my door. OMG! Then you have the urge to go back after you’ve done so much to move passed it. NOT ANYMORE!

Let me restart and you do the same. There’s no point in stopping our lives when we’ve already experienced time again there’s no going forward when we’re together.



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