Best Of Me

Dear Diary,

The greatest feeling is being able to be yourself. Not be judged and feeling as though you have to hide parts of yourself.

It’s easy to slip into your comfort zone. It’s also easy to close yourself off. Block people out because you feel you don’t really belong.

The time you feel you can be free is when you’re alone. Especially home alone, music blasting singing at the top of your lungs. Jumping on the sofa. Leaving junk around and decide when you want to clean it up. (That’s if you do). You are also free to show off what you can do. Even if it’s dancing, singing, writing, gaming, designing, painting. We tend to easily hide that away, not showing what we know we can do. When the time comes when you can be that person in front of someone. That is when you’ve got something amazing. You can be you and not suddenly feel dumb or embarrassed.

The thing that even beats that is when that person brings out more things that you never even thought you could do. Even enhance in it. The best of me. All of me. That’s the people that keep you going and those are the people that you need to stick around.



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