Good Enough

Dear Diary,

“YES YOU! Stop scrolling and read this. No it’s not a 140 character message but you have the capability of reading so do so.

Thanks by the way…” That’s what I want to say when people skip my posts. Lol.

We are living our daily lives and what are we living it for? What our friends think? What our parents think? Basically we are living it for other people?

I have spent so long picking and choosing things to do in my life to make others be proud of me or say something that will make me feel I am doing something right. Then I realized how do I feel about this? I FELT LIKE CRAP! Simply because I was too busy concentrating on what others thought and their responses would be “Oh ok.” “Well done” my favourite one “Nice” I’m not asking for a parade or an award and a crowd to make a speech! (Maybe one day) but I thought what I accomplished was enough. It seemed to be only a little.

I may not be studying to be a lawyer or a doctor or something really smart. I am smart in my funky way, but I have decided to make sure I am happy doing what I want to do, before anyone else.

It won’t make me selfish or lonely. We meet people with our interests along the way that have the same appreciation as we have. Being selfish is not even a part of it because it is about you.

 We only get one life on this planet and I am going to wake up in the morning smiling. (After frowning from having to get up early). So whatever it is we want to do in life, do it. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not worth it or it’s not as successful as other things. As far as I’m concerned art, photography, acting, singing, dancing, driving buses, owning a restaurant, teaching or even cleaning the rubbish on the streets the list goes on but they’re all something. Everyone has different ambitions that may turn into the same one, but there are perfect examples of others being in the same situation and making it to where they wanted to be. Others may not have faith in you it doesn’t matter as long as you have faith in yourself and you can prove those FOOLS wrong!! (If its your parents probably not the right word to use).

No matter what age, look, gender, sexuality, beliefs… Etc We have to keep going!

We can keep saying instead of fighting each other we should respect one another. What’s the point in that right? A big point! Anyway I will continue doing my part in being positive and getting past all the negative things that come my way.

Ok I’m going to stop now.


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