Dear Diary,

When you’re given a second chance it shouldn’t be taken for granted. We should definitely not forget what it is we’ve have done to even get that second chance in the first place. Second chances are not easy to give, depending on what it is although the stakes are still high.

You are practically given a do over, you get to try again. Make that mistake again, it becomes deliberate and third chances rarely come by. If you do then it’s clear that person is patient and really want you in their life and are afraid to lose you. It still depends on what it is, because then that decision becomes even harder.

Today it’s difficult to believe and trust people. You become more cautious and alert that something wrong is going to happen. It’s not being negative. Things may turn out just fine but to be honest it’s what life is today full of uncertainties and it’s a shame. When you have that person that whether a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher whoever comes into your life. You set a high barrier or a wall or tower whatever you want to build in front of them before they can get an inch closer to you where you fully trust them.

Like they say trust takes time to build and seconds to shatter. So with that second chance you get. WE MUST APPRECIATE IT! It will take work to get back whether short or long (again depending on what it is). It’s not just the chance we take for granted it’s the person as well. If we really don’t want to lose particular people in our lives then we need to show it. It shouldn’t be one sided.


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