Dear Diary,

Follow your heart but take your brain with you is a great quote/saying/somebody said, but is just following your heart all that bad?

Emotions sure can cloud your judgement but in certain circumstances they allow you to say and do the things you never thought you would. I not just talkin about when your angry, although some take it to a different extreme and turns into the hulk. Although he’s controlling it even better now. 

Sometimes we say things in anger and say. Didn’t mean it. Lies. You meant it because that’s how you’ve been feeling but been shoving it down. In some cases yea we don’t say it to be polite but sometimes it needs to be said. We love honesty but when we get it there’s still a reaction. Well at least you know. It may not come out the right way but it does. Because the truth always comes out eventually.

 Emotions give you courage. If you love something do it. I know there are millions of people that have studied something or dreamed something and they end up not doing it. Things happen but it doesn’t mean you should completely forget about it. 

Our emotions help us grow. Happiness, sadness, anger, fear all make us who we are. Sure we can think logical about what we should do and say, but there’s no logic in how we feel. The more you suppress it the more likely it will explode.


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